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Strongduct is the creation of brothers Ken and Mick Dalgarno, with over 50 years of experience in the insulation and ducting industries they came together to realise a shared vision of combining two typical products of their respective trades and produce something that addressed the various downfalls of materials that had changed little over the tenure of their careers from apprentices to directors. They have endeavoured to make a fundamental impact on the HVAC and insulation industries with a truly revolutionary product, Strongduct.


Ken - “The idea initially came about as I had noticed a substantial increase in the amount of repair work we were tendering for external lagging jobs, we found that either PIB (polyisobutene) was falling away from the lagging due to it’s age or poor application and in some cases it had be chewed or pecked by vermin. Over the years my company has fitted alternative solutions such as aluminium sheet cladding or an aluminium and polyester laminate, but both were susceptible to human and vermin damage and in many cases it was difficult to achieve a 100% weatherproof seal with limited clearance around various ducts.”


Mick - “Ken came into my workshop to see if we could come up with a galvanised steel cladding alternative for a project he was working on, after much experimentation it quickly developed into a preinsulated system to the likes we both had never seen in our many years in the business, my company had installed a preinsulated system on a couple of contracts and we had suffered major issues with other trades damaging the phenolic ducts and in one instance a pressure test literally blew a section into pieces! Sadly our problems with the preinsulated systems was that they were far too costly and fragile and frequently had to be revisited before the respective jobs were handed over, me and Ken felt that our galvanised preinsulated system solved so many problems we had encountered over the years with existing insulation cladding and preinsulated duct systems.”