Strongduct Lite™ is a patented pre-insulated duct system that offers the full benefits of a pre-insulated system with the added strength and durability of a solid steel chasis that eliminates age old problems with pre-insulated ducts.

Strongduct Lite is the sister system to the original Strongduct system, it is for internal use in concealed ceilings, undercrofts, risers , and any building with a requirement for ducted ventilation. As with the Strongduct system, Strongduct Lite can be fixed in confined spaces as it is one application and can save

on spaces in service voids. The key factor that sets Strongduct Lite apart from other pre-insulated systems

is the Strongduct Lite chasis system that stiffens the system with a galvanised steel shell. This gives the system much needed support to withstand the rough and tumble of mechanical service installations , whilst providing a duct system that is on average 65 % lighter than a traditional galvanised and insulated system.




Strongduct Lite has been designed to meet the following criteria and overcome existing problems: It's Easier to install, significantly lighter than traditional steel ducting, it can be installed into tight locations. It’s a “ONE FIX SOLUTION” i.e. no Thermal Insulation Engineers are needed to follow duct fitters thereby reducing site time which improves build programmes, reduces risk of site accidents, reduces costs, and a faster programme means reduced cost to builder and clients. As with the original Strongduct system, Strongduct lite boasts a 100% vapour seal which will vastly improve on the carbon footprint of the building. With this in mind strongduct Lite and Strongduct systems achieve a BREEAM A status through the materials used.


The system is really a hybrid of traditional and new innovations in ductwork, and it is intentionally so, as it offers the ductwork installer a familiar medium to work with through the traditional flange profiles. It is a welcome addition to a traditional duct installers paraphernalia. The use of traditional Mezz flange profiles allow duct fitters to install the Strongduct Lite™ system as they would a traditional galvanised system. The only difference is the considerable reduction in weight that vastly improves the installation time. The advantage of a familiar flange allows experienced professionals to incorporate a new system into their workflow with very little disruption or alternative techniques to master. Both Strongduct systems will need to be installed by Strongduct accredited installers, this assesment is available to all HVCA & NVQ Level 3 accredited installers.

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Phenolic foam Develops exceptionally low smoke when exposed to fire and is capable of meeting or exceeding all international building regulation requirements. Toxic gas emission from phenolic foam is generally limited to carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide with very low levels of other gases. Phenolic foams can achieve very low toxic gas ratings in tests such as UK Naval Engineering Standard NES 713. Phenolic foam has very low embodied energy per unit.


Thermal performance compared to other insulation materials:

Significant co2 savings can be achieved compared to other insulation materials. Phenolic foam can make a significant contribution to help achieve co2 emission reduction targets required by the Kyoto Protocol. Phenolic foam is available in both CFC and HCFC free forms.

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