Strongduct is quite simply a revolutionary patented ducting product, It is the only system available in the HVAC market that offers a pre-insulated duct solution that is protected by a galvanised steel shell. In just one fix the system is fully installed, insulated and cladded.

Strongduct as the name suggests is comprised of a rigid steel outer wall with a phenolic board based lining running through the entirety of the duct system. The ductwork ends are traditionally flanged to which the phenolic lining is also attached via a mastic seal, which forms a thermal break to prevent cold bridging and also enhance the vapour seal of the system. The beauty and simplicity of the idea is that we are able to insulate and seal every component of the system and with it being insulated in a factory controlled environment we can guarantee that the insulation and internal duct is 100% sealed throughout the system.




The obvious advantage of Strongduct is that it offers all the benefits of a pre-insulated phenolic duct system with the strength and durability of a traditional galvanised system. There are a number of immediate and long-term advantages that make the Strongduct system truly stand out in the field: It's weather proof: The controlled manufacturing standards of Strongduct allow the system to guarantee weather protection of the steel shell for up to 30 years* in some medium corrosive areas (Corrosive category C3). It's Vermin proof : The galvanised steel shell prevents damage to the insulation from all kinds of vermin (birds, rats etc.). The system has a 100% vapour seal : The system is fully insulated on every dimension and is 100% vapour sealed, this will always be the case no matter how tight the onsite install is as the insulation is factory fitted. The system is class ‘O’ fire rated through the materials used, and the phenolic foam insulation offers a superior thermal conductivity to traditional mineral wool.


As well as the above Strongduct offers an extra option

of a plastisol coating which makes the system fully customisable with a huge choice of colours and textures for both internal and external aesthetic requirements. The Strongduct capping system further enhances the weather proofing of the flange seal on external applications, and offers an attractive concealment

of the mezz flanges for exposed internal applications. Strongduct will save space if applied internally in areas such as concealed ceilings, risers and undercroft’s as it’s a pre-insulated system and will only require one fix and

it can be fitted flush to ceilings and walls.

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Phenolic foam Develops exceptionally low smoke when exposed to fire and is capable of meeting or exceeding all international building regulation requirements. Toxic gas emission from phenolic foam is generally limited to carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide with very low levels of other gases. Phenolic foams can achieve very low toxic gas ratings in tests such as UK Naval Engineering Standard NES 713. Phenolic foam has very low embodied energy per unit.


Thermal performance compared to other insulation materials:

Significant co2 savings can be achieved compared to other insulation materials. Phenolic foam can make a significant contribution to help achieve co2 emission reduction targets required by the Kyoto Protocol. Phenolic foam is available in both CFC and HCFC free forms.




*Strongduct Ltd will guarantee the integrity of the weather protection provided by the galvanised steel outer duct in accordance with BESA DW 144 Third Edition (2016) Table 24 – Corrosive Categories and life-time expectancy (as provided by TATA Steel). The actual “micro-climate” immediately surrounding the ductwork system will determine the probable corrosion rate for practical purposes. Furthermore advice on corrosive rates can be obtained from the institute of corrosion and the galvanizer’s Association . Typically, dependant on the corrosive category class of the project location, Strongduct Ltd will guarantee the weather protection of the duct from between 5 to 30 years dependant on -


(i)The Corrosive Category rating


(ii)Inspection and Guarantee Certificate issued by Strongduct Ltd                        on completion of install.


(iii)Biannual inspection / Maintenance


The warranty given above will not apply to defects which are due to: fair wear and tear, accidental damage or failure by the Purchaser to adhere to the Seller’s recommendations.